23 March 2022

The impact of the pandemic: two years from first lockdown, 86% of employees want more health and wellbeing support

On 23 March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a televised address telling the British public to ‘stay at home’. This unprecedented move put the whole country into the first lockdown, impacting the working lives, health, and wellbeing of millions of people.

“Two years on, the country thankfully seems to be emerging from the pandemic, but it has irreversibly changed many lives,” says Brett Hill, Distribution Director at Towergate Health & Protection.

Indeed, in a survey of 500 UK HR decision makers, Towergate Health & Protection found that 86% of employers believe their employees would like more support for their health and wellbeing in a change to expectations since the pandemic.

Brett Hill explains: “The pandemic has altered the way we live and work and has changed our outlook and expectations. Employees need greater health and wellbeing support now than ever before and employers need to look at new ways to assist their staff that matches with the change in circumstances and growth in need.”