International wellbeing

Wellbeing support for employees on international assignment

Global support when it’s needed

With increasing numbers of companies investing in sending people abroad to work, there is an increasing need to support employees and their families as they make the transition to life in a new country.

They will be facing unique challenges when relocating, from the stress of moving house to the loss of their social network. They will also need to deal with limited access to local resources, language barriers and the challenges of integrating within a new culture and community.

We’ve teamed up with the experts - Morneau Shepell - to offer a range of international wellbeing solutions to provide your employees with all the support they need when moving overseas.

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Global employee assistance plan

The requirement for employees to work abroad, both long and short-term is growing significantly.

Removing relocation stress

Working abroad means employees not only have to adapt to a new workplace and new colleagues, but also a foreign culture, new values, customs and language. Our global employee assistance plan helps reduce the stress of relocating.

Support employee adjustments

Adjusting to a new location and an unfamiliar culture can be the trickiest part of working abroad and is one of the top five reasons that 40% of all international assignments end early.* 

Help when it’s needed

Our global employee assistance plan helps employees and their families with all aspects of an international relocation including the social, emotional and psychosocial elements of such a move. We can also help employees adjust back to their home country when their assignment ends.

* - accessed 22 May 2019

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Intercultural solutions - global selection and preparation

If you are taking your business global it’s vital to have the right employees on board. We can help guide you through the process of selecting, preparing and supporting the right employees for international assignments.

Selection for overseas roles

We offer consultation, education, intervention and skill-building with the identified employees and their family members to make sure the right employees, with the best chance of success, are being selected for overseas roles.

The programme helps to prevent an employee’s failure to adjust, reduces the impact of moving to a new culture and helps to improve productivity. With this support in place you can rest safe in the knowledge that your business operations overseas are in the right hands.

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Intercultural solutions - cross-cultural training

Adapting to a new culture can be one of the most difficult aspects for people who find themselves working abroad on international assignment. It can be hard to identify cultural beliefs and values and even harder to understand them as an outsider.

Cultural stereotypes and bias beliefs are often at the core of issues which crop up for employees when working with foreign counterparts – which is where our cross-cultural training can help.

Benefits of cultural training

The training programme supports employees and their families to improve their integration into a new environment and can help to enhance communication and teamwork between different cultures in the workplace.

The benefits of the programme include:

  • Supporting employees to develop globally adaptive skills to work across cultural differences
  • Facilitating successful integration into a new culture
  • Developing awareness of how cultural values affect business styles
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Intercultural solutions - global destination services

The logistics of moving abroad can feel very daunting for employees so our specialist destination services offer employees and their families with logistical and practical support to settle in to the new country.

The programme includes organising previews of the area where they will be living and working, along with orientation. The service can also help with finding a home and schools locally, sorting out leases and settling into the area.

Support for employees

Other benefits include supporting employees with any concerns they have about their home environment, so they are free to focus on the new work assignment, knowing the home issues are being taken care of.

The service is flexible, offering assistance prior to arrival in the country, during the settling in period and will be shaped to the unique requirements of the employee. It can also offer ongoing support throughout the employee’s time abroad.

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Intercultural solutions - global repatriation services

When people who have been working and living abroad need to come home again, you want to make sure they are looked after and helped to reintegrate with the business when back in the UK. This is where our repatriation service can help.

Helping repatriation run smoothly

Our global repatriation service works to support your employees and their families to return home smoothly – it includes working with adults, children and families to minimise the amount of time required to adjust back into life at home.

The service helps employees to settle back into life at home, and back into the workplace with minimal stress.

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