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Helping your move abroad to run more smoothly

While relocating abroad is an exciting life experience it can bring with it unique challenges which can become stressful. Moving your life abroad can be complicated in terms of the relocation itself, not to mention the loss of your social support network, unfamiliarity with local resources and the challenges of integration into the new community and culture.

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Help reduce this stress and raise the chances of a successful and stress-free transition into your new life overseas by investing in a wellbeing package to help support your move.

We’ve teamed up with Morneau Shepell who can bring you a range of solutions to provide the wellbeing support you need.

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Expatriate family assistance plan

Moving overseas creates unique challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, and a new culture, language and customs which can create social isolation and stress.

An expatriate assistance plan can help by reducing the stress of relocating overseas. The plan helps expatriates and their families with the social, emotional and psychosocial aspects of an international relocation.

The plan can also help with adjustment back into the home country if and when you decide to move back.

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