International healthcare

Relax wherever you are in the world, knowing your health is protected

Looking after all your international healthcare needs

Whether you work abroad or are planning to live outside of the UK, it’s important to understand the healthcare arrangements within your chosen country. Unlike the UK, many countries require you to have health insurance.

If you need to get medical care quickly, it can be difficult depending on the language barriers and the kind of area you are in. Which is why having the right international private medical insurance in place can make a big difference.

Our specialist international advisers will ensure you have access to the health insurance products that suit you best, at a price that matches your requirements.

What our customers say

International private medical insurance

If you are planning to live or work abroad for an extended period of time you will need to sort out international health insurance. Unlike a travel insurance policy, this covers you for everyday treatments as well as emergencies, giving you peace of mind overseas.

Cover for all eventualities

International private medical insurance means that in the event of an accident or illness, you and your family will have access to good medical facilities, even in remote locations and countries where local healthcare provision is poor quality.

Let us do the hard work for you

Our expert advisers will talk with you to understand the type of cover you need, which can include emergency medical assistance, regular medical checkups, rehabilitation, maternity cover, cancer cover and compassionate visits. We explore the whole of the market to find the right solution to meet your requirements.

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