Tailored solutions

We explore the whole of the market to deliver customised health and wellbeing solutions for all our corporate clients

Providing tailored health and wellbeing solutions and advice

Once our consultants have worked with you and assessed all the data to calculate the key risks and requirements to best protect your business, we will explore the whole of the market to come up with tailored solutions which match your needs

We can look at solutions to support a number of areas including employee health, wellbeing, employee engagement and specialist products which can help reduce risk and sickness absence. Our aim is to deliver an exceptional service customised for you.

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The health and protection proposition

Offering employees a suite of health and protection benefits can help with recruitment and retention as well as helping to support your strategy to reduce sickness absence and keep people engaged.


People having time off for doctor’s appointments or treatments has an impact on any business so providing employees with private medical insurance, dental insurance or healthcare cash plan policies can help to reduce this issue. Employees get access to the best medical treatment quickly, avoiding waiting lists so they can get better and back to work a lot sooner.


Offering people the chance to join group income protection, critical illness and life insurance schemes can help to give them peace of mind that they and their loved ones will be looked after if the worst should happen. These types of benefits are highly valued by staff.

Travel insurance

A group travel insurance policy provides immediate cover for employees travelling for their job or for pleasure, giving them a benefit that they can make use of time and again.

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The wellbeing proposition

Taking a proactive approach to improving the wellbeing of your employees can go a long way towards reducing sickness absence and preventing ill-health from taking hold in the first place. Employee wellbeing programmes can also help improve employee engagement by clearly demonstrating to people how much they are valued in the work place.

Wellbeing solutions can include:

Mental health

Training in the work place for managers to spot mental health issues, stress and resilience training for employees and therapy services when required.


Backache is a common cause of sickness absence so products which include onsite physiotherapy services can be very popular among employees.

Health and wellbeing advice

Knowing your health risks is the first step to alleviating them so offering online GP services and access to health and wellbeing monitoring check services can be a great benefit for employees.

Employee engagement

Onsite health screening and health education programmes help people to feel valued and more engaged with the business. 

Financial education

Money worries is another big factor in stress and mental health issues, so offering support for financial wellbeing, such as a telephone helpline, can also help.

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ViaNabo™ – our online portal designed for you

Once you have all your benefits planned you need a way to keep track of them and to show your employees exactly what is available to them. Our online benefits portal – ViaNabo™ – puts all of your employee benefits in one place, accessible from any device online.

It allows people to easily see everything they are being awarded.

The modular design means the portal can grow as your business develops, with options to add in shopping discounts, HR features and other support services.

Corporate business insurance

We understand that corporate companies have a wide-range of general insurance needs in addition to health, wellbeing and protection.

As part of The Ardonagh Group we have access to a wide range of insurance brokers within the group who can give advice on a range of general business insurance

From legal expenses and liability cover to property insurance or product insurance, across the business we have the solution to look after every aspect of your business.