International business

Supporting the health and wellbeing of your international workforce.

Employee benefits for those working overseas

As businesses grow and expand into international markets you might find you need to send people overseas or have employees who work abroad. With every country having different healthcare systems, meeting the health and wellbeing needs of people across international waters can be incredibly time-consuming.


Let us solve the problems your business is faced with, by navigating through the complex global legislation and red tape on your behalf and delivering a customised health and wellbeing solution for you.


Exceptional international service

Our team of dedicated international experts will consult with you to make sure we fully understand all the international health and wellbeing needs. We will make sure we arrange the right cover to suit your requirements so your employees get the most appropriate benefits.

From international health cover to employee assistance plans specifically designed to help employees settle into new territories, we deliver an exceptional international service tailored to your business needs.