Unlock the full potential energy of your wellbeing strategy with Kinetic+

Your investment in wellbeing isn’t just great for your people. It’s great for business.

Employee engagement is the single most controllable factor when it comes to running a successful business, which is why businesses cannot afford to let engagement happen ‘naturally.’

Developed by health and wellbeing experts Towergate Health & Protection, Kinetic+ has been designed to elevate engagement by giving your employees the tools they need to be their healthiest selves.

Now, you can stop wondering about how to reduce sickness absence at your business, and about how to inspire and motivate your employees to be more productive; Kinetic+ takes the guesswork out of your engagement strategy by doing the thinking and analysing for you.

The Kinetic+ effect

Engaged employees have a dramatic impact on business:

  • Sales are increased by up to 37%
  • Productivity is boosted by 18%
  • Absenteeism (which costs the average UK company £554 per employee) drops1
  • They outperform organisations with low levels of engagement by 202%2

Plus, 73% of employees say they will work harder for an employer who cares about them.3

3. MetLife ReMe report