19 April 2017

Employee benefits portal, ViaNabo™, launched for SMEs

ViaNabo™ has been designed to assist SMEs with 20 to 500 staff in managing their employee benefits and promoting health and wellbeing.

The system consists of four modules, recognising that every company’s needs are different. This modular approach means that companies can mix and match according to their business’ needs and budget.

The primary employee benefits and engagement module, ViaNabo™ Core, is available for an annual cost of £6 per user. The cost for all 4 modules, which include HR tools, employee assistance programme, manager support and employee discounts is just £26 per employee per year.

“A portal of this sort is normally the preserve of larger organisations due to cost, but communication and engagement are central pillars to any size of organisation. SMEs in particular can face a challenge when wanting to implement and promote a benefit, reward and engagement strategy.” said Brett Hill, distribution director. “The product we’re bringing to market is a modular platform that does everything a small business might need and more - driving engagement, simplifying benefits administration and promoting wellbeing and productivity.  The HR module in particular will reduce the administrative burden on the HR department.”

ViaNabo™ Core allows companies to combine their existing employee benefits programme with ViaNabo™, as well as providing the ability to issue total reward statements, send out company announcements, store contact directories and document libraries. Health and wellbeing benefits include nutrition support and access to Active+, the online retail platform from AXA PPP healthcare that offers a vast range of products to help improve all aspects of a person’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

The optional HR module, ViaNabo™ HR, offers additional online capabilities including the management of grievance and disciplinary issues, holidays and sickness and absence. It provides expenses management for the employer, whilst its employees can upload expenses on the go. It can also create and manage job vacancies. 

ViaNabo™ Support, the optional employee assistance programme (EAP) module is provided by partners, Health Assured. ViaNabo™ Support provides employee assistance, including unlimited 24-hour access to qualified counsellors who can address lifestyle issues such as bereavement, debt, health, housing, childcare, eldercare or other concerns. Day one stress intervention, serious illness and accident support is available, in addition to legal and tax advice. As well as supporting staff, ViaNabo™ Support offers assistance to managers including access to an occupational health advice line and services.  

Advantage, powered by PeopleValue, is an optional module with single sign on straight through to their voluntary benefits and discounts platform, promoting the idea of helping wages to go further by offering staff regular access to a range of discounts and special offers on supermarket and high street shopping, as well as holiday and gym discounts. 

“Few, if any employees, know the true value of their benefits package which is why a portal can be such a powerful mechanism for attracting, engaging and retaining staff,” added Brett Hill, distribution director.

“A good portal should be continuously revisited by staff, reminding them of your investment and strengthening your relationship with them.

We have built ViaNabo™ with smaller firms in mind, offering them the capabilities that are normally only the preserve of corporate enterprises at a fraction of the cost.”