15 April 2020

Covid-19: information about Vitality's health insurance

As people’s understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing has grown in recent years, including the importance of mental health and the link between mental and physical health, most insurers have expanded the range of benefits and services available within their private medical insurance (PMI) policies.

These services can include online GP consultations, mental health support services, access to phone or online counselling, remote support for musculoskeletal conditions and nurse-led helplines for the day-to-day management of ongoing medical conditions. With large numbers of people either working from home or confined to home, these services will be as important, or more important, than ever before.

Furthermore, some insurers are now introducing new benefits and services specifically designed to support their customers through the current pandemic. Insurers are providing regular updates on the benefits their PMI policies can provide through this period, and the latest information provided by your insurer can be found here:

Mental health

Telephone and video mental health therapy and counselling is available through Vitality’s Talking Therapies network. Face-to face treatment has been postponed and will be reinstated as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted. You can access a range of leading mental health support services online, with a range available (depending on your plan), including Big White Wall (an anonymous online support service), Vitality Healthy Mind, and GP Advice Line. All are available through Vitality’s Member Zone.

GP Advice Line and Care Hub

Vitality has extended its GP Advice Line to all members and launched a new Care Hub – a digital platform where VitalityHealth members can access their plan details and treatment history and book the treatment they need. The hub will make it even easier for members to access the support available to them at this time.

NHS cashback

If you’re affected by Coronavirus and need an NHS hospital stay, Vitality’s Covid-19 cashback benefit pays the following cashamount for each day of your stay:

  • Days 1 to 8 – £250 per day
  • Day 9 onwards – £500 per day

*The benefit pays up to a maximum of £5,000 overall*A person with a stay lasting 9 days or longer is more likely to need critical care for Covid-19, based on research from theImperial College Covid-19 Response Team.

You can claim this benefit if you’re on a Personal Healthcare (PHC) plan, Business Healthcare (BHC) plan or Corporate Healthcare (CHC) plan that includes Core Cover. It covers any NHS hospital admissions beginning on or before 30 June 2020.

If you’ve recently bought health insurance, you can access the Covid-19 cashback benefit,as long as you’re admitted to hospital at least one month after your plan starts.

Vitality Healthcheck at home

Understand your health and get Vitality points with the new Vitality Healthcheck at Home service. You can have a virtual appointment with a nurse, all in your own home. Once you make a booking, you will be sent a health kit. This will help you measure key health metrics and anyone who takes the test will be awarded Vitality points.Health food benefit The Vitality healthy food benefit is now easier to access and simpler to use with a 25% discount on spend in Waitrose in April, May and June 2020 regardless of how many Vitality points are earned.Instagram wellness series Vitality has created an Instagram wellness series with Vitality Ambassadors, including Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jos Buttler, Joe Root, Tracey Neville and others. Every day at 4pm they are posting tips on staying active, eating well and other ways to stay healthy.

Peloton digital membership

Vitality is offering members 120 days access to a Peloton digital membership. Use the Peloton App to choose between live or on-demand classes, including strength, yoga and cardio.For every 20-minute workout completed you will be awarded five Vitality activity points. (The workouts must be classed as strength, yoga, stretching, bootcamp or cardio). Or, track the workout with a heart rate monitor and earn up to eight points for working out at 70% of age-related heart rate for 30 minutes, or 60% of age-related heart rate for 60 minutes. Register via the Member Zone.

Work out with Jessica Ennis-Hill

Vitality is offering members 12 months' subscription to fitness, pregnancy and post-natal programmes on the Jennis app. For every 20-minute workout you complete (or longer), you will be given five Vitality activity points. Or, track the workout with a heart rate monitor and earn up to eight points for working out at 70% of age-related heart rate for 30 minutes, or 60% of age-related heart rate for 60 minutes. Register via the Member Zone.

Streaming movies

With members unable to use the cinema vouchers earned through activity, Vitality has partnered with Rakuten TV to provide up to two streamed movies a week. If you earn 12 Vitality points each week, you will be rewarded with an on-demand movie to stream at home. If you achieve the maximum 40 Vitality points a week, you will get a second movie. Vouchers will be sent by email every Monday, following the previous week’s activity. Rakuten TV is available on all smart TVs, EE TV, Freesat, Xbox, iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Register via Member Zone.

Money off activity trackers

To help you stay active while staying at home, Vitality has introduced a 50% discount on selected activity trackers with Garmin and Polar. This offer is only available until 30 April 2020 and gives money off a range of devices to keep you active and moving while at home. Access through the Member Zone.

Priority physio

Vitality is providing remote physiotherapy treatment through its network. Members can book this physiotherapy treatment through the Care Hub.

Specialist consultations

Vitality is offering video consultations through its consultant network. Their member care will be able to direct members to consultants in their local area who are able to offer virtual consultations. When social distancing guidelines are lifted, members will then be able to stay under the care of this consultant when we revert to face-to-face consultations. Vitality is also continuing to cover face-to-face consultations where these are going ahead (although the majority will at this point be virtual).

Coffee at Home

Through Vitality's new Caffe Nero partnership, they have introduced a new monthly Coffee at Home benefit. When members have earned 40 points in a month, they will be able to order coffee beans, ground coffee or capsules for home delivery. One item will be free, with extra items charged at 50% - delivery will be at a reduced rate of £2.50. This benefit has just been announced and will be going live in the coming weeks. This will be a Vitality Plus only benefit.

Find out more

For more information including answers to frequently asked questions regarding Covid-19, which are being updated regularly, please go to the Vitality website

If you have any questions about your health insurance policy, please contact your consultant.