15 April 2020

Covid-19: information about Bupa's health insurance

As people’s understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing has grown in recent years, including the importance of mental health and the link between mental and physical health, most insurers have expanded the range of benefits and services available within their private medical insurance (PMI) policies.

These services can include online GP consultations, mental health support services, access to phone or online counselling,   remote support for musculoskeletal conditions and nurse-led helplines for the day-to-day management of ongoing medical conditions. With large numbers of people either working from home or confined to home, these services will be as important, or more important, than ever before.

Furthermore, some insurers are now introducing new benefits and services specifically designed to support their customers through the current pandemic. Insurers are providing regular updates on the benefits their PMI policies can provide through this period, and the latest information provided by your insurer can be found here:

Customer rebate

As UK hospitals and their staff focus on the fight against coronavirus, Bupa has recognised that claims costs may be lower than previously expected in the coming months. While urgent care, such as cancer treatment, will continue, some non-urgent hospital procedures are being put on hold, and Bupa has written to all their customers confirming they will aim to share any financial benefit they derive from reduced claims costs during the pandemic period.

Mental health support

Bupa is expanding the capacity for mental health support - including remote consultations and on-line cognitive behavioural therapy. Customers can also access Bupa’s Direct Access service, removing the need for a GP appointment.

The Family Mental Healthline is open for parents and carers to talk about their child’s emotional wellbeing. The online Bupa Mental Health resource hub has a wide range of support materials and is being regularly updated with relevant content.

New services accessible from home

Bupa has developed a wider range of health support and services which are available to access from home. Customers can access consultations with nurses, GPs and consultants, and gain specialist help for physiotherapy or mental health matters.  They are available via telephone and online from the safety and comfort of home.

Remote consultations – Bupa will fund telephone and video consultations with all Bupa recognised consultants, where they are medically appropriate and the technology is available, to help patients avoid exposure to the virus.

This service includes remote consultations with an accredited physiotherapist for muscle, bone and joint conditions. Bupa’s Direct Access service is available for support and advice from expert physiotherapists - they can support by giving appropriate exercises, arranging follow-up calls and discussing concerns. There is no need for a GP referral.

See a GP from home - most customers have fast access to expert advice through Bupa’s digital GP services in partnership with Babylon and this has been extended to all Bupa’s customer base so everyone can use this service. Customers can also use the AI-driven symptom checker feature to check for symptoms for a full range of conditions, including Covid-19.

Talk to a nurse 24/7 for general health and wellbeing advice – Bupa customers can call the Anytime Health Line and speak to a health professional about any health concern they may have.

Extension of referrals – Bupa has extended the time that a GP and consultant referral is valid for ongoing treatment up to three months.

Find out more

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions regarding Covid-19, which are being updated regularly please go the Bupa website.

If you have any questions about your health insurance policy, please contact your consultant.