Employee benefits portal

Our online platform, ViaNabo™ allows you to administer and promote your employee benefits all in one place

Introducing ViaNabo

Employee benefits bring a host of value for the employer but only if they are aware of all the options which are open to them. Administering a benefits scheme and trying to communicate all of the options can become cumbersome – which is why we created ViaNabo™.

Our online portal puts all your employee benefits in one easily accessible place and offers a host of tools which can support your business as it grows. Educational content and support services enable ViaNabo™ to support your company’s health and wellbeing strategy.




The system is modular, allowing you to select only the elements which are relevant for your particular business – making it cost effective and flexible.

ViaNabo™ is a web-based application so employees can access their benefits information wherever they are on any device and there is no need to install software.


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  • Select only the modules which you need
  • ViaNabo™ is tested every year by independent CREST-accredited penetration testers
  • Communicate quickly with your people using the announcement and email functions
  • Customised branded home page for people to use
  • A tailored, seamless experience

What our customers say


ViaNabo’s™ Core module is the building block of the whole system, giving  you the power to administer your employees benefits, as well as access to a host of communication tools to engage your people.

ViaNabo™ Core lets you set up different packages for your employees and provides usage data so you can ensure you are providing appropriate, relevant benefits.

The system can create total reward statements which let you show your employees the full value of their employment package, including benefits, salary and the value of everything available to them.

Employees can use ViaNabo™ to take control of their health thanks to nutritional tips, and have access to Active+ - which offers discounted gym equipment, nutrition and gym membership rates.

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HR administration can present its own unique challenges for any business, particularly as the number of people increases. The HR module of ViaNabo™ can help remove some of the stress, making it much easier to manage.

The online HR module includes features such as: holiday and absence management, sickness reporting and booking processes, and a documented back to work process in the case of sickness.

This module also features an expense management tool offering an end-to-end process, from receipt upload to approval, all of which is recorded online.

Finally, the module offers task management resources which can provide an audit trail whilst fitting in to your current processes.

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Sometimes employees need some extra help to deal with personal difficulties which is where the ViaNabo™ Support module comes into its own. It provides managers and employees access to the Health Assured employee assistance programme.

The EAP provides confidential phone lines manned by fully qualified counsellors. Employees can call to discuss any issues which they are facing - from financial worries to personal problems - which are causing them stress.

There is also an option for face to face counselling where appropriate and four-week guides to help people improve basic aspects of their health and wellbeing.

The manager support element offers a specialist service to anyone who manages people, on topics such as staff issues, workplace bullying and conflict resolution.

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Advantage, provided by PeopleValue, gives you the chance to offer your employees savings on both everyday necessities and the fun things in life.

Advantage offers shopping discounts in the form of reloadable cashback cards and vouchers, which can be used both online and in store

The service also offers financial education features such as access to a free credit checking service, and advice on money worries.

A monthly free lottery and regular competitions are also included to help to keep your employees engaged with ViaNabo™ and your benefits.

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