Are your workers thriving or surviving?

Are your workers thriving or surviving?

What are you doing to ensure your colleagues are thriving and not just surviving?

Protecting employee wellbeing just makes good business sense. Research has shown again and again that happy employees are more loyal, more productive, more present, and more successful in their roles.

Ensuring that the four pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental, financial, and social health – are taken care of will ensure that you’re giving your business the best chance of flourishing.

Setting up a wellbeing strategy for yourself or your business doesn’t need to be complicated. It can even be as easy as A, B, C. 

A is for assess and audit

Are there any existing benefits in place at your company that could aid employee wellbeing? Whether that’s insurance, HR policies, health and safety programmes, or learning and development. If so, have you clearly signposted your employees to them? Do your employees know they exist? If you use the four pillars, you can easily identify any gaps in what you’re offering.

B is for brand and build

Giving your wellbeing strategy a brand means it is easily identifiable to your colleagues and they know that any comms under the brand will be linked to their wellbeing, and the business caring about them as individuals. You can then start to build the strategy using the findings from stage ‘A’.

C is for connect and commitment

Connecting with employees, and your employees connecting with the strategy, is essential. You will need to use all the communication channels available to you to ensure maximum engagement. Communications must be direct, clear, easily identifiable, honest and speak to your employees.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, you might consider health screening checks. As a customer of Towergate Health & Protection, you and your employees will be eligible for discounted health screen rates with Bupa, Nuffield and Check4Cancer. What’s more, if you become a customer of Towergate Health & Protection before 30 June 2022 we will rebate you 50% off the cost of a Bupa, Nuffield or Check4Cancer screening for each of your registered company directors, up to a maximum of £250 per screening*.

You can find more information about the ways in which we can help your business protect the wellbeing of its people here:

If you wish to discuss anything further, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Hall at Towergate Health & Protection at, quoting ABTA SCREENING 50%, or phone 07747 065139.

*Screening option must be taken up within 12 months of your company becoming a customer of Towergate Health & Protection to be eligible for the 50% rebate offer.