A handy jargon buster to help you understand some health insurance terminology.


A document which outlines the cover provided by an insurance policy, including cover limits and other terms and conditions.


Self-employed is when a person works for themself. If they own their own business, they could also be referred to as a sole trader.

Private Health Insurance is a popular choice for the self-employed and sole-traders, as these are the people who often can’t afford to wait for treatment and care on the NHS.


Self-Referral is when you put yourself forwards for medical tests, treatment or care, without seeing a GP first.

In most instances, insurance companies prefer you to have a GP referral before you claim, just to make sure your treatments are medically necessary.

However, in some cases, insurance providers understand that you may need ‘direct access’ to treatment and tests in certain circumstances. For example, if you are concerned about symptoms for breast or bowel cancer, you might be able to call a helpline and self-refer to diagnostic testing, rather than going to your GP and waiting.


A 6 Week Wait on your insurance is a way to reduce the cost of your premiums – it means that you agree to be treated as an in- or day-patient in a NHS hospital; provided the waiting list for your treatment is six weeks or less.

If the waiting list is longer, you would continue with private health care as you would normally.


As well as having negative health affects, smoking can sometimes affect your health insurance policy.



A specialist is a type of doctor who treats only certain body areas, medical conditions or age groups. For example, a Gynecologist focuses on the female reproductive system, and oncologist focuses on cancer and a pediatrician focuses on healthcare for children and infants.

A specialist can become a Consultant once they reach a certain rank or position.


A stroke occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is interrupted.



See CPME (Continued Personal Medical Exclusions) to find out about switching from one health insurance policy to another.

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