A handy jargon buster to help you understand some health insurance terminology.


Many insurance providers will talk about their ‘Networks’ – groups of doctors, consultants, hospitals and other health care providers that work within a health plan to offer treatment and care at negotiated rates. 


If you choose to get treatment through the NHS, rather than privately, some health insurance policies will give a cash sum for not claiming – this is called an NHS Cash Benefit. This can be a significant sum of money – up to a £2000 limit per year on inpatient treatment for example.

The NHS Cash Benefit is offered on some policies as standard, and some policies as an additional benefit. In most cases, an insurance excess fee would not apply when claiming.


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Independent organisation which provides guidance on the most effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses. Its recommendations inform which treatments are offered by NHS organisations. Sometimes private health insurance firms will provide access to treatments which NICE has not recommended for NHS use.


The discount offered on renewal or when taking out a new policy based upon the number of years of claims free experience you present. If you make a claim you may lose part or all of the discount/bonus. 


Non-disclosure means not making information knownIn the world of health insurance, non-disclosure would occur if you failed to tell your insurance providers about something relevant to your policy when they were assessing your application – for example a pre-existing medical condition or lifestyle choice.

Non-disclosure could lead to a claim being rejected, so it’s really important to always be upfront with your information from the start.

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