Dental insurance

Group policy number: 55314490937

The major new benefit of Bupa dental is the network of direct settlement dentists available with Bupa. This means you won’t have to pay up front when making a claim, the dentist will instead bill Bupa directly.

To find your local direct settlement dentist please visit but please call the dentist beforehand to ensure they use direct settlement.

Make sure your treatment is covered by referring to the Bupa dental membership guide. You are covered under the top level available with Bupa – Level 4.

Please note that dependent children can remain under family cover until the renewal following their 24th birthday.

For dental treatment you can visit any dentist in the UK or worldwide, if you visit a Bupa registered dentist you will receive 20% off all treatment. If the treatment you have costs more than the benefit limits stated in the brochure you will be liable to pay the shortfall.

Policy documents and important information