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How to make a claim

1. Contact your GP

You will require a GP referral* to use your private medical insurance policy. When you visit your GP make them aware that you have a private medical insurance policy, your GP will then provide you with a referral at which point you must then contact Bupa.

2. Gain authorisation

Before you receive a private consultation or treatment you must gain authorisation from Bupa. Contact them on 0345 604 0623 and advise them of your referral. Bupa will then confirm if you are covered and, if so, provide you with a pre-authorisation number which you will need show to the consultant or clinician. This will ensure that fees are charged direct to Bupa.

3. Securing a diagnosis

If your consultant or specialist makes a diagnosis which means you require further treatment it is important you again contact Bupa to confirm that treatment is covered. A quick phone call will confirm your eligibility.

4. Getting treatment

When Bupa confirms that your treatment is covered they will again provide you with a pre-authorisation number. Present this to the hospital or clinic treating you to ensure fees are billed directly to Bupa.

5. Additional treatment and follow up appointments

It’s important to keep Bupa informed if you are required to undergo follow-up treatment or appointments.

*A GP referral is not always necessary if you have muscle, bone or joint conditions.

Policy documents and important information

To double check if you consultant is recognised or browse alternatives please use the following link 

Bupa claims number: 0345 604 0623