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Employee assistance programme

The Stars Group is pleased to offer a full telephone employee assistance programme with six face-to-face counselling sessions per year.

This service is fully confidential and gives you immediate access to trained professionals who are ready to assist you with any issue that matters to you and your family.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Support with difficult emotional issues
  • Information on your legal rights
  • Guidance on money and debt matters
  • Information on health and wellbeing concerns
  • Telephone counselling support
  • Face-to-face counselling support
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Legal information
  • Child and elder information
  • Money and debt support
  • vClub information and resources
  • Signposting to specialist agencies

Please call one of the local rate numbers available, 24hrs a day 365 days a year;

  • 80062577
  • +356 711 64 72

You can find everything you need on here in a variety of languages.

For further details please look at the following links poster. If you would like copies of these in Maltese you can find them here “poster” or in Italian “poster“.