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Private medical insurance and dental insurance

Your private medical insurance policy details, including full benefit information can be found in the policy and documentation section. Your policy also provides Global Choice additional services.

How do I make a claim?

Before you actually undergo any treatment please call 356 2778 0978 toll free in Malta or +1 905-532-3648 from anywhere else in the world in order to get pre authorisation - this makes sure the treatment you are going for is covered under the policy. 

Your pre-authorisation form can be downloaded in English.

Hospital, clinics and laboratories

The below link is a useful tool in order to access the Worldwide Provider Network with Generali Global Health it lists hospitals, clinics and laboratories throughout the world excluding the USA and this may help when choosing where to go 

Once you are pre-authorised, and have received your treatment, there are two ways of presenting a claim to Generali for reimbursement.

Mental health treatment

Outpatient mental health services do not require pre-authorisation. As a result, mental health outpatient services will be covered as long as:

  • The treatment is provided for a defined mental health disorder
  • The treatment is under the referral* of a clinical mental health practitioner (licensed to practice as such in the country where the treatment is taking place)

 *the term ‘under the referral of’, does not necessarily mean that the patient requires a referral; rather it can mean ‘under the direction of’ or ‘under the care of’.

 There are two scenarios for mental health treatment:

  1. The patient first sees a GP who may provide brief counselling and prescribe some medication for the patient. If the GP assesses that further treatment is required he/she will refer the patient to a mental health specialist.
  2. If a patient has some idea of what is wrong (especially if they may have had a similar episode/condition) and goes to see a mental health practitioner, no further referral is required, the patient will receive the appropriate treatment and benefits will be considered in accordance with the terms of the policy.

It is important to note that some mental health practitioners are not licensed to prescribe medication. In such cases, the patient may have to be referred to a psychiatrist for further assessment and treatment.

Online claiming

The fastest way to submit your claim is to visit your personal online member portal at  

Email claiming

If you would prefer to submit your claim by email please send your claim forms to 

Claim forms can be downloaded in English / Español.

How to contact Towergate Health & Protection

If necessary please contact your dedicated team at Towergate Health & Protection using the details below and we’ll advise and guide you through the next steps.

Policy information and documentation

Full details of your benefits under this policy can be downloaded in English.

The mobile health plan policy guide can be downloaded in English.