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UK protection insurance

Group life insurance

For UK members Towergate Health & Protection administers the group life insurance via Canada Life.

Details of the life insurance, an overview of the benefits and details of how to nominate a beneficiary can be found here.

Employees should have received, upon joining the firm, an expression of wish form which should be submitted to payroll and HR. If you have not, or would like to change your beneficiaries please update this form and send it to your HR Department.

Group critical illness (including total permanent disability)

For UK members Towergate Health & Protection also administers the group critical illness cover via Unum. The cover level is two times your basic annual salary (subject to a maximum benefit of £500,000) and the Unum policy insures both the base illness list and also the extra illness list to ensure the maximum amount of illnesses are covered.

The critical illness insurance policy does not cover illnesses that you already have when you join the policy. Full details are provided in the “pre-existing conditions” sections of the documentation.

A summary of the cover and the policy conditions can be found using the links below: