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Your health is your most precious asset so it’s important to consider protecting yourself and your loved ones against serious health issues. Private healthcare gives you faster access to advice, diagnosis and treatment to help you get back on your feet quicker.

Whether you are looking for private medical insurance, a healthcare cash plan or dental cover, we can find the right cover to suit your needs.

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Our independent expert advisers will ensure you have access to the products that meet your requirements, at a price that matches your budget.

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Private medical insurance

We can all get sick or injured at some point in our lives which can lead to appointments with doctors and specialists – but with private medical insurance you can avoid waiting lengthy periods of time to be seen.

You’ll also have more choice with appointment times, meaning you can fit in a time to suit your life and work commitments.

Private medical insurance can offer peace of mind, high quality treatment settings, private hospital rooms and more control over which consultant and which hospital you are treated by.

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Healthcare cash plan

If you want help with everyday healthcare bills such as eye tests, physiotherapy or chiropractor treatments then consider a healthcare cash plan as a low cost option.

These plans can be tailored to most requirements and budgets and can even help to reduce private medical insurance costs, by using your cash plan to fund the claims excess.

You can often add children to the plan for no extra costs and you can make a claim as soon as the plan has been set up.

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Dental insurance

Many people avoid the dentist until they have no choice but to seek treatment – which is when the costs mount up, as the chances for early intervention are lost.

Regular dental check-ups are important, not just for our teeth but also for other more serious health issues. Many people don’t realise that poor oral health is increasingly being linked to serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, strokes and heart problems. Mouth cancer can often be spotted in its early stages by a dentist during a thorough mouth examination.

Dental plans help to remove the fear and worry of facing expensive dental bills, providing peace of mind that the treatment is affordable.

Dental insurance schemes can be tailored to suit most budgets and requirements. Our experts will be able to advise you on the dental cover that’s right for you. Cover can come as part of a private medical insurance policy, which our advisers will be able to check for you.

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