Using private medical insurance to protect your family.

Protecting our loved ones is instinctual. We don’t need to think twice. But finding the best way to protect their health and wellbeing takes tremendous thought – and expertise.

The private health insurance market offers tremendous choice, with countless providers and even more policies.

So how do you find the best solution for you and your family?

Turn to Towergate Health & Protection and we’ll put at your disposal our extensive experience and expertise. We’ll cut through the jargon to offer clear, impartial and, above all, informed advice on the options available.

We’ll explain the benefits of family health insurance, which could include the ability to promptly access specialist treatment, to select the hospital and consultant that will care for you and to enjoy the privacy of your own room.

How to choose your Family Health Insurance

The first thing to remember is this: It’s all about you. We can’t tell you what your priorities are, we can only advise you how to satisfy them.

So step one is to consider what you are looking for in a policy. Your family history, lifestyles and available budget will all help shape the type of cover you want and can afford, as will your own preferences and priorities. You might, for example, desire access to out-patient care or specialist cardiac treatments, or be content with a lower level of protection accompanied, naturally, by a lower premium.


Questions to ask when taking out a health insurance policy

Things you should consider include:

  • How important is the power to choose your hospital, clinic or consultant?
    You might be happy simply to be treated at your local hospital but if you want the freedom of choice you’ll need advice on the differing hospital networks and provisions offered by providers and their specific policies.
  • Which benefits are most important to you?
    Whilst even entry-level policies will typically include in-patient and diagnostic treatments, more sophisticated plans will offer a broader choice of benefits. These may include alternative therapies, specialist cancer and cardiac, chiropractic, dental, optical, physiotherapy and psychiatric treatments.
  • How much are you willing to pay?
    We’re not breaking any trade secrets when we say that the greater the cover then the greater the cost. What price your peace of mind?
  • Would your family benefit from professional lifestyle advice?
    Many health insurance plans provide access to wellbeing programmes to help keep you fit and healthy.
  • Could you “share the risk” to lower the price of your protection?
    If you agree to a policy excess – an amount you’ll pay towards the cost of a claim – you may be able to reduce your premium.

Helping you insure and protect those you love

Your personal Towergate Health & Protection advisor will be pleased to help you prioritise, guide you to the best available solution and provide ongoing support. Be that amending your future protection to meet your changing circumstances or helping you should you need to claim on your policy.

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