9.7% of the population suffering from it. One in four people are said to experience mental health problems at some point in their lives.">

The impact of mental health on employee absence

An ONS study revealed that last year, 15.2 million working days were lost due to depression, stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. In addition to this, CIPD’s Absence Management Annual Report  calculated that each employee’s sickness costs their employee £554 per year.


Experts believe that many victims of depression choose not to seek proper help due to the stigma attached to mental illness and fear of future discrimination in the workplace, as well as a lack of Occupational Health and Support schemes.

The Time to Change campaign for mental health awareness

Journalist and former political aide Alastair Campbell said that addressing the mental health crisis in Britain and reducing the associated stigmas “cannot wait another generation”. After experiencing a nervous breakdown in the mid-1980s, Campbell was diagnosed with depression, and the issue has since remained close to his heart. He told The Independent that “mental health services have gone to the front of the queue for cuts” and need to be reprioritised. He said that all three political parties must work together in order to achieve this.

Since its inception back in 2009, Campbell has been a supporter of the Time to Change campaign, which aims to tackle the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health problems.

Other notable backers include comedian Stephen Fry and ex-boxer Frank Bruno, both of whom are well-known sufferers of bipolar disorder.

Look after the mental wellbeing of your employees with Group Risk insurance

As an employer it is important that you look after the wellbeing of your workforce, in order to increase job satisfaction within your organisation.  A happy, contented workforce will help you minimise absenteeism, which according to the Health and Safety Executive costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year – in 2006, for example, this figure was no less than £12 billion.

Mental wellbeing is just as crucial as physical health, which is why it is highly advisable to look into company private medical insurance that includes psychiatric benefits. Alternatively Occupational Health Schemes could be the solution your business needs.

At Towergate Health & Protection, we aim to provide companies and individuals with the finest insurance policies available. We thoroughly assess the circumstances of each client and identify the most suitable policies.

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