A handy jargon buster to help you understand some health insurance terminology.


E-Cigarettes are electronic cigarettes, sometimes called vapourlites.

In terms of how they relate to health insurance, E-cigarettes are treated the same by the majority of providers as normal cigarettes, meaning you must have not smoked one for at least a year to be classed by insurers as a ‘non-smoker’.



The European Health Insurance Card is a free document which allows holders to get state healthcare at a reduced cost, or occasionally for free, in European Economic Area countries. It is not an alternative to travel insurance as it does not cover private medical care, mountain rescue, or being flown back to the UK. These eventualities would be covered by comprehensive European health insurance.


An emergency is described by health insurers as the sudden onset of unforeseen medical conditions that require urgent aid and care. Some insurers place time limits on cover for emergency treatments – for example one provider states that “only actions commencing within 24hrs of the event will be covered”.


Employee Assistance Programmes are a type of employee benefit, whereby a business offers its employees help with any personal, emotional or financial problems that may affect their performance at work. This could include:

  • Personal counselling
  • Online consumer, family, financial, housing and legal resources
  • Psychological health services
  • Medical advice

European Health Insurance is a type of private medical insurance plan for expats living in the EU.

It’s not the same as an EHIC, and is often recommended to work alongside the European Health Insurance Card, which would help you access emergency medical treatments in Europe.



Sometimes also known as a deductable. The amount you may need to contribute towards settlement of a claim. With some policies you may be able to reduce your premium by agreeing to a higher excess when you take out your policy. Not all policies carry an excess.


Expacare is one of the longest established providers of international health insurance for expatriates, operating in 140 countries for 30 years.

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An individual living abroad permanently or long term, who does not have citizenship in the country they live in. It usually refers to professionals working abroad or retirees. The Home Office estimates there are 4.7m Brits living abroad. Such an individual may require expatriate health insurance to ensure their medical care is covered in their country of residence.

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